April 6, 2015

Chapter 7A: Registration of Persons Born Before 1 July 2006 Whose Parents Were Not Married

The Home Office has issued another guidance which details the specific registration sections, lays out who falls under which category (4C, 4F-4I), and confirms the fee schedule for each. 

The link to the guidance can be found here -



  1. This is just too good to be true!
    I've been waiting my whole life for this law to change. And now I can start living! I came across your blog many years ago and I had a glimpse of hope. But after years went by I really thought it would never happen. But this is just amazing!
    Has anyone gone through the process? How long does it take? I'm currently living in Denmark now so I hope it's still possible for me to apply from here?
    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Tishi! Yes, it's finally happened. I've been emailing you. It looks like you're not getting my emails. You can email me directly at ukccen at gmail.com. Yes, it's perfectly okay to start the process from Denmark. From what I'm hearing, it's going to take some months for people, depending on how straightforward your documents are.

  3. Do I need to supply a pre paid envelope because I am overseas? the form says Royal Mail 2nd class but this seems to only be for The UK

    1. You do not need to supply a pre-paid envelope. If you do not enclose one, they will return your documents via Royal Mail 2nd Class Post.

      As per page 15 of the guidance (What to Send with the Application Form):

      "If you require your valuable documents to be returned by secure post you should enclose a pre-paid self-addressed Royal Mail Special Delivery (or Recorded Signed For delivery) envelope with your application. The pre-paid self-addressed envelope should be sufficient to accommodate the size and weight of your documents and be insured to the appropriate level for the value of your documents. If this is not enclosed your documents will be returned to you using Royal Mail 2nd class post."

  4. Any news on anyone who has applied yet?

  5. Many people have applied, but there have been issues the Home Office being backlogged and slow with the applications. But that's nothing new! I know of one person who applied in the UK and received her citizenship back in July.

  6. Does anyone know if you can still use the chapter 7a process if you are over 18? Or is it just for children (under18)

  7. Hi Lisa,

    The "chapter 7a" process is the UKF form, which is to be used for anybody who was born before 1 July 2006.


  8. Great News! My application for a passport in 2012 was denied on the grounds of illegitimacy and it was a bitter pill to swallow. It has proven even more so because any of my half siblings must write to invite me before i can visit the UK. I'm eternally grateful to all those who have fought the good fight.

    Dearest ukccen, i have some concerns that i want to run by you (i hope it wont be any trouble). Many thanks for whatever advise you can offer.

    1. I will be coming to the uk on a short course visa (usually 6 months) few weeks from now, would you advise i send in my application while in the UK. Could there some sort of advantage pursuing it from within than overseas?

    2. Also would you advise i specify a place within the uk for my citizenship ceremony considering it could coincide with the period of my visit.

    3. Thirdly, what do you think about getting legal representation?

    Many Thanks once more.

  9. Dear Fred,

    It’s no trouble at all! Yes, great news indeed! It’s been amazing and I remember in 2009 when the government squashed our hopes and dreams when they refused to allow us the right to have our citizenship during the Borders Bill. So many families have been destroyed beyond repair because of this cruel discrimination. I’m sorry you were inclined to have your half siblings vouch for you when you are absolutely no different from them in any way, shape, or form. Illegitimacy is a manmade concept.

    1. If you’re arriving in the UK in a few weeks, you might be better off applying while you’re in the UK as it can take a few months, depending on busy times and the circumstances of your application. We don’t have absolute proof, but I’ve definitely heard of others having their applications processed quicker inside the UK.

    2. Your citizenship ceremony will be arranged through your local council where you’ll be residing. UKVI will send you instructions on who to contact in order to facilitate this.

    3. Legal representation isn’t really needed as it’s a straightforward application. Please just read the Guidance that comes with the application as it’s full of lots of information to help you. Most of us have been completing our applications ourselves, with no issues. However, I understand that many would like to use the services of a solicitor as I understand the need for many to feel that all boxes have been checked off correctly. If you feel you need a solicitor, by all means please remember to use a reputable one from the ILPA website. The wonderful PRCBC has recommended Diane Baxter from Wesley Gryk Solicitors.

    Good luck and keep me updated on your progress! I love knowing everyone has completed their path to rightful citizenship.

  10. I applied for British citizenship using the UKF form. I am presently in Cameroon born by a British father and a Cameroonian mother. i am 38 years now. My fathers name is in my birth certificate. I have sent all my original documents including my passport to the Home Office since April 2016. The UKVI sent me an acknowledgement letter on the 10 May 2016 but up to now, i have not heard from them again. Does it mean my application is unsuccessful?

  11. Hi Mbua! Don't worry, it can take several months for UKVI to respond. If you haven't heard any updates from UKVI in 6 months, you will then be able to contact them for the status of your application.

  12. Hi all!
    Just to give you a quick update that I went through the whole process and came out successful at the end! Even though it did take the full 6 months plus another 3 months for the passport because I was applying from Kenya.

    Can't believe this fight is finally over never thought I would see the light!

  13. Hi Tishi! Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you! I know it can take awhile to complete the process, but it sure does feel great once you are holding that certificate of British citizenship in your hands. Good luck with all your endeavors and please do keep in touch. :)

  14. Please I need help . I am filling my UKF and confused about the payment . how do I pay the 80pounds if I don't have a master card and am in Nigeria .
    Secondly the part of referral where they need a professional this refer me , can a school administrator and a nurse be okay . or is a teacher okay too

  15. Hi Monalisa, Yes, you will need to somehow find a way to pay the 80GBP. If it is at all possible for you to obtain a check from a bank in Nigeria that also has a presence in the UK, that will suffice. For the referral, yes - a school administrator, a nurse, and a teacher will be good.

    1. Thank you so much. I have contacted a friend in the Uk to make the payment for me and send me a scanned copy of the receipt . hope that's fine ? Please I will like to know if the biometric will be done after I have submitted the form to home office or before submitting the UKF.

  16. Hi Monalisa, I'm glad the payment worked for you, but if you haven't sent it with your application, there is no way the Home Office will know who your payment belongs to. They receive thousands of applications each week, so everything must be kept together in your application packet.

    Your application must not be in piecemeal or it will be rejected.

    Please read the Guidance that comes with the application before sending anything to UKVI. Once you have everything together, your UKF application is posted to the Liverpool address that is inside the Guidance. The UKVI (Home Office) will contact you with regards to getting your biometrics completed at an office closest to your home location. Biometrics are done after the Home Office has received your application. Absolutely nothing is done by the Home Office until they have your completed UKF application with all of the requirements fulfilled.

    I hope this helps and good luck!

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