March 3, 2015

Liberal Democrat Policy Paper - Making Migration Work for Britain

The Liberal Democrats put citizenship equality in their policy paper titled, "Making Migration Work for Britain", during Spring Conference 2014. Thanks again to Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge and to Kelly-Marie Blundell for thinking about us and putting a sensible immigration plan into party policy.  Here is the excerpt from page 31 of the paper which pertains to us:
Nationality of children born to unmarried British fathers 

4.3.18     Liberal Democrats believe that immigration laws should be fair and non-discriminatory. Since 1 January 1983, unmarried mothers have been able to pass on their British nationality to children born outside the UK. However unmarried fathers were not able to do so until a change in the law came into force from 1 July 2006. This change did not apply retrospectively, so children born to an unmarried British father before July 2006 did not automatically benefit. To ensure fairness, those children should also be allowed to claim British nationality.

4.3.19     Liberal Democrats propose that children of unmarried British fathers born before July 2006 and of unmarried British mothers born before January 1983 should be allowed to claim British Citizenship by descent, subject to providing sufficient proof of parentage.
A full copy of the policy paper can be found here.  

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