March 3, 2014

Handout Bill

Finally, a small bit of good news.  Many thanks to Ants, who contacted the Home Office and was informed that the government have planned for our situation to be corrected through a handout bill.  The only catch is that when the ballot is drawn for the Private Members' Bill (PMB), if one of the winners chooses our handout bill, the government will definitely end the discrimination.  

The downside to this is that we have to have an MP who is interested in taking the bill.  Julian has persuaded the Government to help out if someone wants to present a PMB.

Here is a bit of information from the Home Office on the protocol of Private Members and Handout Bills.

I have researched the information that is published on the process for Government Handout Bills, and think that you may find this Cabinet Office guide helpful:
There is a specific section on Handout Bills.

To answer your question, a number of private members will bid in the bill ballot; some will have a specific bill they want to pursue, others will not.

The option of taking forward a bill to provide a citizenship route for children of unmarried British fathers will be offered to an MP who has not got a Bill of their own they want to introduce and has scored highly in the ballot. 

As you suspect, this doesn’t give an absolute guarantee of success, but the fact that this Bill has government support, and is seen to correct a longstanding inequality in current law, would presumably make it attractive to members. 
I plan on contacting the MPs who are successful in the ballot to persuade them to take on the government handout bill that is in our favor.  If you'd like to help, please contact me through the link in the top right hand side of the site.


  1. Has there been any kind of update on this you can share? Thanks

  2. Hi, the law has passed! Please email me your correct email address so that I can send you details. I think it was you I tried to email but it bounced back. Thanks! :)