June 8, 2010

Was Registration Refused?

Unmarried British fathers, please contact me if the Home Office refused to register your minor child's birth (or if there were extreme difficulties in being granted registration). The same goes if you're a child born to an unmarried British father. Do you recall if your birth was refused registration by the Home Office?

I had a conversation with a fellow sufferer of citizenship inequality, and her story was quite shocking. It seems her father was denied the opportunity to register her birth because it was a church marriage, not a legal marriage. Since she was a minor at the time, there should have been no barriers in registration of her birth.

That makes no sense because children born out of wedlock are eligible to have their births registered under Section 3(1) of the British Nationality Act, so long as they are minors at the time of registration. This is done at the discretion of an immigration officer.

This put me in research mode, uncovering a treasure trove of instances where either the child was denied registration or the father experienced extreme difficulties in trying register their child's birth (some have been added to the side panel under "News Stories").

The British government is claiming registration of minors, at the discretion of the Home Office, will allow an illegitimate child born to a British father to acquire British citizenship. Yet, the government turns around and refuses said registration.

It's time the government remove all cutoff dates and allow ALL children born to unmarried British fathers, regardless of their birth year, the opportunity to have their births registered so they can be eligible to acquire British citizenship. It's standard for all children born to married British fathers, and it's been recently granted to all children born to British mothers. We're the last group experiencing nationality discrimination.

Those still affected by citizenship inequality are still trying to figure out why the British government treats an illegitimate child born on or before 30 June 2006 drastically different than a child born on or after 1 July 2006.

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