February 17, 2010

Woliwon, Gary Allanach!

Mr. Allanach was wonderful enough to bring attention to our situation through his own site. In the most eloquent of ways too. I am most appreciative for his effort in getting the message out about the issue of UK citizenship equality (or rather, the lack of it), and eternally grateful to him for linking the petition as well.

His full post can be found here.

To add another twist in Gary's Churchill angle, Winston's mum, Jenny Jerome, once lived not too far from my current residence. I pass by Madison and 26th Street, former spot of the famous "Jerome Mansion", almost everyday.

So, thanks Gary. Or, Woliwon!


  1. Hi,
    I'm in the exact same boat as you and am really glad that there is some support for this cause. Good work :)
    I have already passed the petition to my UK friends, so expect some additions to the list!
    - T

  2. Thanks Tracy! Every bit helps. Feel free to link the petition to any site you think is appropriate. You should also know others have contacted me who are experiencing this discrimination as well. Good to know we have solidarity.

  3. Are you petitioning on any other mediums? Like a Facebook group, etc?

  4. I'm looking into starting a FB page. I am also writing an article for an online political blog that reaches many UK readers. I'm currently trying to get an answer about our plight from Harriet Harman who is the Equality Minister. So far, I'm not having any luck.

    You might want to shoot her an e-mail at harmanh@parliament.uk. She seems to think I'm the only person affected, so I'm probably not much of a concern to her.

  5. There is a new petition that includes both children of British Mothers and Fathers who are denied citizenship or made to register at the following url. Please sign as the issue is over age discrimination


  6. Thanks J! I've posted and linked the petition on this site. I hope the joint effort brings us all success. :-)