February 10, 2010

My Question Made Liberty Central

Sponsored by the Guardian, in "Liberty Central" forum, once a week, Liberty's lawyers answer human rights questions. On January 21, 2010, it was my opportunity to have our question answered.

Check it out:

Why can't I claim British citizenship

The verdict? Liberty's response was basically full of law speak that went in circles and with not enough naming and shaming, though I'm glad they pointed out how suspicious the government's stance was, calling this blatant discrimination "distasteful". Still, the information they provided about taking our case to the European Court of Human Rights offered a glimpse of hope, even if it would be more beneficial for an unmarried British father to plead their case in front of Strasbourg, and not a child born out of wedlock.

To this, I ask - Dads, do we have any takers out there?

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